Affidavit of Financial Support for International Students

University of Bridgeport
It is the student’s responsibility to demonstrate that sufficient funding is available to meet all University expenses. An I-20 or DS-2019 cannot be issued without this form and the supporting financial documentation. (If you have more than one sponsor, a separate financial statement must be submitted. Photocopies of this form may be made for completion by each sponsor). Please make copies of all financial documents as you will need them to show proof of adequate funding to U.S. Consular officials when you apply for a visa.
Section 1: Student Information
Student's Birthdate
Section 2: Source of Funds
Please identify the source(s) and amount of funds available. All funds pledged in sponsorship of a student must be verified by an original bank statement written in English on bank letterhead and contain an account number, the amount in U.S. or foreign currency and be signed and dated by a bank official no more than six months prior to the date you apply. Sponsor(s) name must be indicated on the bank statement.
Government/Company Sponsor - Submit a letter on official letterhead that includes your name and indicates in detail which costs (tuition, fees, room, meal, etc.) will be provided. You must submit additional financial documentation for those costs not provided.
Section 3: Sponsor Information
This section must be completed by the sponsor. (In lieu of this form, the sponsor may supply a letter with this information provided. It must be signed by the sponsor. An original bank statement must be included. Sponsor’s name must be indicated on the bank statement.)
Sponsor's Permanent Residence
Section 4: Affidavit of Financial Support
By entering my name in the section provided below, I certify that I, the sponsor, will provide funds in the amount of at least U.S. $53,715 (for undergraduate) or U.S. $39,475 (for graduate) plus any increase due to inflation, per academic year (9 mos.) for tuition, fees, room and board, and insurance for the above mentioned student. This support will continue for the duration of the program of study. Further, I understand that I am responsible for any and all debts incurred by the student while attending the University of Bridgeport.
TO BE SIGNED BY STUDENT: By entering my name in the section provided below, I certify that the statements given by me in this form are complete and accurate. Furthermore, I take all financial responsibilities should my source of funding, as specified above, be interrupted or stopped.

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